Found a new, simple recording site...

November 18, 2013

I will no longer be able to record at Muziboo, the site when I had an account and where I had recorded some songs. So I recorded this small song for KTB at Vocaroo:

Record music and voice >>

The words are:

Saraswati charaNam sakala varamum thantharuLuvAy (S)

thAyum nIyE thanthaiyum nIyE sarva jeeva dayA nidhiyE uyirum nIye udalum nIye uyarntha uyarntha umbar dEviyE (S)

ambikai manOhariyE Adi shakthi nIyandrO nambinOrai kAkkum nalla nAyakiyum nIyandrO (thAyum nIye….till end)

This was my mother’s school prayer song…probably in the 1930’s!

I also recorded a few slokA for the children, here:

Record music and voice >>

These are KTB’s most-listened-to favourites

Update, I’ve added the Aaraaro lullaby on 201113:

Audio recording and upload >>

I didn’t realize there was so much ambient noise that the mike would pick up…will record it again later.