Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary trip People, and the scenery

November 6, 2013

I was given a sudden, late-night query: Would I like to visit the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary?


My companions were Apoorva Managoli, her dad Dr Sanjeev Managoli,and Vaibhav Chowdhary…that was like Black Forest with 3 different flavours of ice-cream! No, Sanjeev is not a car-diologist, but it was his new vehicle!

He also had a new toy: DSC01509 DSC01603 I'm making a separate post about the birds, and the six-footers. The road passed through beautiful land: DSC01661 DSC01691 DSC01690 DSC01685 We indulged in some mammal photography, little knowing that our mammal sightings in the evenig were going to be very good! DSC01684 Temples were being decorated: DSC01632 The goddess,Kaveri, revealed herself in all her beauty: DSC01753 DSC01745 DSC01727 DSC01707 The endangered GRIZZLED GIANT SQUIRREL was around: DSC01730 DSC01738 and here's the large nest: DSC01740 the majesty of the trees at the JLR campus was staggering: DSC01728 Apoorva posed with Harish, who was our guide for the Squirrel, the Jungle Owlet, and other delights on the JLR campus: DSC01729 The forest often gives us gifts to disperse: DSC01708 Several wild plants and flowers delighted me: DSC01546 DSC01547 DSC01590 DSC01754 A carpet dotted with red: DSC01681 DSC01678 Our final destination became Galibore JLR: DSC01757 The rain clouds lovingly wrapped themselves around the hills: DSC01767 Rustic living on the banks of a lake looks picturesque, but may not be comfortable! DSC01772 Houses were decorated beautifully: DSC01599 Sericulture was in progress: DSC01596 DSC01573 How can I forget the food? Here's brefus at Kanakapura: DSC01503 DSC01501 DSC01505 And here are elevenses: DSC01647

Gaily decorated vehicles (I don’t know how the drivers could see anything of the road!) were all around: