Navaratri Golu in St.Louis, October 11,12, 13, 2013

October 17, 2013

We visited a few homes for the golu, and I was most impressed by the collection of dolls the ladies seem to have acquired over the years:


I loved this representation of of the Carnatic Music Trinity, Saint Thyagaraja, Muthuswami Dikshithar, and Shyama Sastri, with Raghavendra swami at the right:


Even male children sat and sang for Amman: DSC00068 (That's Siddharth Rajagopal, and he sang very well!) Of course, the food was an awesome spread in each household: DSC00067 DSC00066 From another home: DSC00115 We're enjoying it all: DSC00063 DSC00060 DSC00117 Some of us try out others' playthings: DSC00120 The centerpiece in this golu was a "crawling Krishna" which was pinched by the baby of the house, and used to hit the passage walls :) DSC00122 Here's the hostess, holding the baby who's holding the Krishna. Her elder daughter, Neha, is singing: DSC00128 I loved seeing this Tanzania diorama, with the jungle, the wildlife, and Mt. Kilimanjaro! DSC00123 Some of us were grappling with the wildlife, too: DSC00138 DSC00132 Ofkose, the dressing-up must be documented! DSC00069 DSC00113 Here are two of MY dolls: DSC00075 DSC00079

And here’s the dusk, deepening into the “ratri” (night) of the Navaratri!


My child and her child:


We thoroughly enjoyed the golu visits, and ate our way through a lot of food :D