azhagAna poNnu nAn

October 15, 2013

I suddenly remembered a song I’d heard in my infancy…after months of not wanting to learn new songs, Kavya is suddenly keen again, now!

The words mean,

“I am a beautiful girl; I have the eyes for that; The only thing I possess Is my self-respect…”

The original song is here (from a 1956 film, imagine!)

and the lyrics are:


Azhagaana ponnu naan Adhukkeththa kannuthaan Engitta iruppadhellaam thanmaanam ondruthaan I am a beautiful girl I have the eyes for that The only thing I have is my self-respect Eedillaa kaattu Roja Idhai neenga paarunga Evarenum parikkavandhaa inimethaan maarunga Mulley thaan kuththunga A peerless forest rose Do look at this If anyone comes to pluck it, its nature will change; It's the thorn that will prick. HO.... ankonnu ilikkudhu aandhai poal muzhikkidhu Aattathai rasikkavillai aalaithaan rasikkidhu (Azhagaana) There is one grins, that stares like an owl Not enjoying the dance, just enjoying the dancer HO.. hO.... hO... Ingonnu ennaippaaththu kan jaadai pannudhu (2) Aemaali ponnuyinnu aedhedho ennu edhedho ennuthu Here, one is making sheep's eyes at me Thinking various things, assuming I'm a gullible girl HO.... hO... hO... Penjaadiyai thavikkavittu peyaattamaakkudhu Piththaagi ennai suththi kaiththaalm poadudhu (Azhagaana) Leaves the wife to suffer, and acts like a demon Crazily follows me, clapping (to my dance)

It’s a very mid-Eastern, Arabic type of dance number…and talks about the uncaring ogling of men! So I taught her only the first four lines.