Navaratri Golu conversation

October 13, 2013

“Hi, A!” “Oh…HI, B! Sorry, I just didn’t see you in the crowd. This is my fourth golu visit this evening, you know, things are so hectic…so how ARE you? My, you’re looking just gorgeous!” “Oh, thank you! Is your saree a new one?” “It’s just a simple one I picked up on my last visit to Sun-Dry Silks, they have such a unique collection!…Oh, hi, C! You haven’t aged a bit!” “Hi, B..and A is here, too! Have you brought your adorable children? Oh yes, there they are…such beautiful princesses. How they’ve grown! It’s been a while since we’ve met.” “I know! It’s just one mad whirl, you know? How are your daughters doing?” “I have two sons, A. They are doing fine, thank you!” “Oh, yes, I’d forgotten…one of them is doing medicine, isn’t he? Such intelligence, after all, they are your kids!” “Oh, I don’t know….well, we MUST get together soon…muaaah! I’m in a rush, I have to pick up my younger son from practice, so bye…!” “C always seems in a bit of a rush, doesn’t she? I don’t know how she juggles so many things, B..I’d never be able to do it, A, I’m sure!” “Oh, you and I are just simple people, not career women…we take more pride in our homes and keep everything nice and organized. C doesn’t need to bother with all that.” “I do agree. A..did you get the number of the Hispanic couple who come do the house cleaning?” “I’ll get it for you the next time, I don’t seem to have it on my mobile. Oh, my, I just LOVE your jewellery…C wears more traditional designs, you know…” “She’s not into jewellery at all. Some of us are just different…she’s quite casual about her cooking, too.” “How I wish I could be like her! My husband and children want everything just so, and I really slave over the dishes…our children are at a growing age, they do need the best nutrition possible…” “I did notice that C’s younger son is a little short…” “Oh, well, nothing that can be done about it. Tell me, how do you manage to remain so slim?” “Ha, ha, there’s really nothing to it…I asked C also if she’d like to join my gym, but she’s so busy that she doesn’t have the time for it.” “Is that the new gym, Fat2Fit? I just LOVE the way they make the exercises fun. Next week will be my fourth day!” “I also tried to suggest a good nutrition consultant to C.” “Oh, just tell me the name and number, I would love to have some good advice for my hubby! I think it’s his metabolism, I just can’t get him to lose weight. He has no time, with his business taking up all his energy. Poor C, life must be tough for her….” “I can imagine, and she must have been so disappointed when her younger son didn’t get into Wonderful Academy…they say it’s the best school in town.” “I can vouch for that, the children are enjoying it so much! It’s nice when your children are gifted! My little one won third prize in the kindergarten art contest!” “That’s incredible! Wow, I’m sure she gets her talent from you. C’s children are so natural…they don’t get all formal-mannered, it’s nice to see a change.” “Oh yes, we can never hope to emulate her easy-going attitude to life! Even with a husband not doing too well, she never complains. Well, it’s been great running into you…we must meet up for a coffee or something one of these days.” “Of course! Let me take down your mobile number. Ciao, catch up with you soon!”

Yes, I know, miaow, miaow, miaow…but I am attempting a reconstruction of an glowingly friendly conversation between A and B, when C was also present for part of the time. I was part of the furniture (I had not Been Introduced), so I sat and was very much entertained.

Poor C, I am sure she cannot understand, as she rushes off, why she’s bleeding from so many claw marks. Between running into each other and running down C, A and B seem to get enough exercise even without the gym.