ondrA, vEyrA? (together, or apart?) A tamil (tamizh) poem

October 5, 2013

orukkAl, nIyum nAnum nam iruvarin uravu needitthu nilaikkAthO?

bhoogOLam. iru kaigaLAl samayathai shuzhattrum gadigAram. DinathaaL. Nam iruvarin kadamaigaL… Ivai ellAm nam ethirigaL: Ivvulagin pazhakka vazhakkangaL kooda.

ivaigaLai thANdi nam Oruvarukku oruvar kidaitthOm. AnAl…ivai iniyum vettri adainthu nammai pirikkalAm: “nAm” endru illAmal “nee”yum, “nAn”umAi, thani pAthaigaLil thanimayil, thaniyAga pOyi vidalAm.

Perhaps, you and I…us… I wonder…are we not going to last? Geography, the two-handed clock that swirls Time around, the calendar, The duties that we cannot shrug off, All these are our enemies: Even the values of the conventional world.

Miraculously, we found each other In spite of all these; But they may yet turn victorious And see us pulled apart: To be “us”, no more, But “you” and “I”… Going our separate ways Solitary…and lonely.

The pitfalls of a relationship unrecognized by, perhaps unknown to, the world, are described here. This could also be docketed in the “You and I” series!