Playing children

September 19, 2013

We adults had events all chalked out…we’d go boating in Forest Park. We finished our activity, the children did enjoy it…but while we were waiting for our cars, KTB and her friend Ananya ran around the grass, playing so happily…


They were joined by two more girls, who never worried about who they were, and just joined in. Here’s one of them:


This was, truly, frolicking in the grass:


DSC07724 Horsing around... DSC07714 DSC07734 DSC07733 DSC07729 DSC07702 Life IS a bed of clover, that can be picked: DSC07697 Thinking of mischief, perhaps... DSC07709 Daydreaming... DSC07707

The children didn’t bother about structured “activity”…they enjoyed whatever time they had, without thinking twice about it…it was such a delight watching them frisking in the grass and tearing around.