August 23, 2013

The piquant and witty observations of “shEr”

here the Wiki entry on “shAyarI”

bring home truths wrapped in small, elegant packages. The rhyme scheme is generally abab, but there may often be no rhyme at all. Here are some I received from a friend:

Har Baat ka Koi Jawab Nahi Hota… Har Ishq ka Naam Kharab Nahi Hotaaa.. Yun to Jhoom Lete Hai Nashe me Pine Wale Magar Har Nashe ka Naam Sharab Nahi Hota…

Not every question has an answer. Not every love is maligned Those drink soar in intoxication But not every intoxicant is liquor.

Hasti Aankhon Me Bhi Zakham Gehre Hote Hain .. Jinse Aksar Rooth Jaate Hain Hum Asal Me Unse Hi Rishte Gehre Hote Hain ..

There are deep wounds even in laughing eyes. Those with whom we get most often angry They are, really, the ones we have The deepest relationships with.

Kisi ne khuda se dua mangi, Dua mein usne khud ki maut mangi, Khuda ne kaha, maut to tuje de du magar Usse kya kahu jisne teri zindagi ki dua mangi?

Someone asked God for a boon, Asking for his own death God said, I can give you death… But what do I say to the one who asked for the boon of life for you?

Har insaan ka dil bura nahi hota Har ek insaan bewafa nahi hota.., Bujh jate hain diye kabhi tel ki kami se.., Har baar kusoor hawa ka nahin hota..

Everyone’s heart is not bad Every human being is not untrue.. Sometimes lamps flicker out because of lack of oil.. It’s not the fault of the wind every time.