My baby...the grown woman

August 20, 2013

She sleeps in exhaustion, my little one.

DSC06360 am asleep 190813 stl

She’s my little one, but she’s a mother and a career woman. She works very hard at a very demanding job. She works with equal passion for Asha For Education, raising funds to educate needy Indian children. She runs regularly, partly to keep fit, partly to help raise funds for Asha. She holds the household together, and spends as much time as she can with her two children. She forgoes sleep with an infant to feed. She staunchly supports me through my troubles. She helps her friends, and sometimes just acquaintances, unstintingly. She’s passed three parts of the very demanding, 7-part Architectural Registration Examinations…here she is trying to study for the 4th part…as tiredness and sleep overcome my darling, and the juggler of so many different balls goes off to dreamland for a while.

I love you, my darling daughter…I’d wish a more relaxed, easy life for you, but if you’re happy, I’m happy for you, too.