Wabash Railroad ride, 040813, Wildwood, Mo.

August 5, 2013

We heard about the


Wabash Railroad

and decided that we’d go for the ride on Sunday.


We found that it was a tiny railroad, with engines built to scale:

DSC05361 train 040813 wabash

DSC05366 Here's a video of a train leaving: DS cycled up and back, a matter of about 60 miles! This left a seat free in the car for our friend Karthik O. Here's the family: DSC05379 Here's the yard: DSC05382 This notice on the water tower was hilarious..."not for human consumption"...but apparently, the trainmaster is not considered human! DSC05384 We went chugging past the limestone bluffs of the area: DSC05390 The tracks crisscrossed many walking and cycling trails. I loved this tandem bike with a provision for a young child! DSC05391 Here's another locomotive, built to scale: DSC05394 There were lots of volunteers to man the railroad, here's one being the guardsman: DSC05395 We were thrilled that the train ran through Mohan, Missouri! DSC05399 A filming crew was at work, and our train ride took a long time as we were held up. DSC05419 Mother and daughter whiled away the time: DSC05403 Here's the video! It's not a loop, so the train had to go to the end point, have the engine de-coupled and reconnected, and then we were brought back: DSC05422 Here's a ticket: DSC05424 Here's a ticket-holder: DSC05434 2 040813 wabash DSC05408 The woodland was lovely: DSC05414 At the departure point, engines use the turntable: DSC05376 wabash rly 040813 DSC05371 eng trntble  wabash rly 040813 Here are the rules: DSC05375 rules  wabash rly 040813

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