FPF/Audubon 1st Saturday Bird Walk, 010613, Forest Park

June 4, 2013

This was supposed to be a walk to the Norman Probstein Golf Course, to see the gourds and boxes of the


about which I’d posted earlier,


However, the “official” walk was cancelled, due to possible inclement weather. Here’s the path as I walked up to the Visitors’ Center:


Several of us


enjoyed John Miller’s


informative talk about them…and since the weather had cleared up considerably when we emerged from the Visitors’ Center, several of us decided to follow Mark Glenshaw over to see the Great Horned Owls.


Mark and Brenda are nothing short of superb in their skills at spotting these birds in the heavy vegetation and the rainy, low-light conditions…so we were able to enjoy the sight of these majestic birds.


We saw this


male, showing why he is named so:


We then walked further, looking at various waterfowl, such as this MALLARD couple, the GREEN HERON: DSC09233 and this SNOWY EGRET, fishing: DSC09246 and then Liz, John, and Robert agreed to come with me to see the Purple Martins at the Norman Probstein Golf Course. On the way, we saw several birds, including this EASTERN KINGBIRD DSC09256 We finally saw the Purple Martins, too, in their gourds and boxes, DSC09274 swooping and hawking for insects. We then went to the Prairie area, saw some more birds such as this RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD female and the EASTERN KINGBIRD, DSC09275 the SONG SPARROW: DSC09302 We went home after a very enjoyable morning. Here are Robert, John and Liz, who were patient enough to be with me on my peregrinations! DSC09304 Bird List: Blackbird, Red-winged Cardinal, Northern Cowbird, Brown-headed Crow, American Dove, Mourning Egret, Great Egret,Snowy Flicker, Northern Grackle, Common Heron, Green Kingbird, Eastern Martin, Purple Mockingbird, Northern Oriole, Baltimore Owl, Great Horned Pigeon, Blue Rock Robin, American Sparrow, House Sparrow, Song Starling, Common Swallow, Barn Swallow, Tree Swift, Chimney Wren, Carolina Woodpecker, Red-headed I did see and hear a few Warblers, but was not able to make any definitive ids.

The common birds of Forest Park continue to fascinate and delight me! I’ve put up some of my SMS (Shamelessly Mediocre Shots) on a web album,


I’ve also written the narrative.

Liz was kind enough to give me a ride back home…it was 1pm by then! Another lovely Saturday morning, spent in my favourite haunt!