Robins Nest

May 25, 2013

My own LJ is opening up, at last…I still can’t see friends’ pages, but this is a slight improvement…

I was returning from my walk when I saw, On a house further down the street… A Robin’s nest with little ones Popping out to meet

2  robin's nest stl 240513 photo DSC07664_zpsb1208175.jpg

Their mother, returning back home, Bringing worms for food. Those open beaks and chirping noise Showed the hunger of her brood.

robin's nest stl 240513 photo DSC07663_zpsee101161.jpg

Whichever creature it may be Anywhere in the world… The babies may be in nest or cot, But in their mothers’ hearts they lie curled!

4 robin's nest stl 240513 photo DSC07666_zps872542db.jpg

The robin removes the fecal sac from the nest:

 photo 1643b51c-28ad-4fe0-a12d-aff2a7500621_zpsb0df055e.jpg