The Bard and the birds

May 22, 2013

I went to see Twelfth Night at Forest Park. But it had not yet become dark. I went to hear some immortal words; But everywhere I saw the birds.

In the trees of Shakespeare’s Glen, I saw a little Carolina Wren. There was a pretty Northern Flicker, Taking pity upon this clicker.

I looked up and saw two Mourning Doves Sitting…and watching,…on a wire above. A family of pretty Kildeer Came quite near, without too much fear.

Robins and Starlings came to witness the sight Of a rehearsal of Twelfth Night. But the biggest fans of the famous Bard Seemed to be the waddling Mallards!

Several of these ran up eagerly And, along with the audience, settled to see A famous play…I’m sure its creator Never imagined birds watching his theatre!

I’ve put up some of the photos of the birds at the rehearsal of the play…

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They are the commonest birds imaginable…but they utterly delighted me! Where else can I get Art and Nature together like this, except Forest Park?

210513  bard bird mrng dv photo DSC07331_zps6963d739.jpg


 photo DSC07350_zpsaf3b6026.jpg


 photo DSC07374_zps7b55e8e9.jpg

Mallards side

 photo DSC07384_zps6effa164.jpg

Mallards diagonal

 photo DSC07388_zps01716e91.jpg

Mallards near seats

 photo DSC07399_zps5772cae9.jpg

Mallards near stage

 photo DSC07400_zpsd04cbb48.jpg

Mallards near audience

 photo DSC07401_zps7ec61603.jpg

Tree sunshine  photo DSC07389_zps4f1105c2.jpg Cherries  photo DSC07376_zps71117858.jpg Sunset Trees  photo DSC07368_zps804ba031.jpg

Moon leaves

 photo DSC07496_zps3993cb3e.jpg


 photo DSC07356_zps8cb2fa84.jpg


 photo DSC07363_zps347a3970.jpg

Sunset Leaves

 photo DSC07367_zps5eec31dc.jpg