In memory of Akash

May 13, 2013

My friends Sujata and Ravi Dube’s son Akash passed away exactly a year ago, to leukemia. Akash had fought back spiritedly, and even organized a Terry Fox Run in Chennai. I think he conquered the illness with his outlook.

I made friends with Sharbari Lahiri through Facebook, as a mutual friend. She lives in Ontario, Canada. We’ve become firm friends now..and I’ve been enjoying getting to know her family as well.

In memory of Akash Dube, Daniel Presta, her 16-year-old son, has written this:


I am the morning The sunrise at dawn A calming reminder All dark skies are gone

I am a tulip On a snow-covered hill A symbol of nature My presence there still

I am an eagle Soaring over the fields My spirit held tightly My smile it does wield

I am the ocean So vast and composed Yet bold and courageous No fear will I show

I am the watchman The guardian of dreams An unafraid leader With a kind-hearted gleam

I am bright laughter Pure pleasure and joy An uplifting man An inspiring boy

I am the reason The sun burns so bright That sadness is shattered That darkness is light

I am a dreamer Tears I do not cry I am a champion I am the sky

-Daniel Presta