Good design matters in the smallest of details....

March 6, 2013

I buy a certain brand of bra, which has adjustible straps, and a plastic doohickey to connect the bra to the strap.

I wore my newest one, and got the feeling that there were pins in the bra. (No laughing,folks, that’s REALLY what I felt.)

So I took it off and inspected the bra carefully, and

bra strp 040313 stl photo DSC01527.jpg These doohickeys are obviously pressed in a series, and then broken off and fitted to the the process, no one thought of that tiny, sharp "thorn" on the piece, which would dig wickedly into soft skin. Why can't our manufacturing process use a little imagination? would make them HUMAN! I had to heat up a knife and melt that spur off....ah, the relief!