Peanut-Kalyan, 280113

January 30, 2013

Kalyan Mohan Shaffer made his appearance at 12.42 am on the 28th of January, 2013. MY parents, and grandparents, belonged to the same century as I did…but my grandchildren truly belong to a new Millenium!

How much will I have in common with them? And how much of a fossil will I turn out to be? I wonder…

I call him Peanut (that’s what he looked like in the very first Ultra-sound Scan)…but here he looks more of a coconut!

280113 stl  pnut coconut

Here he is, with ...

280113 stl  bdi holding pnut

“What are these?” he seems to ask of his fingers…

280113 stl  pk and fingers

and I tell him,these, and that blue thing, are your choice of all-day suckers!

280113 stl  nails and sucker

Here’s the DnAnK2 family…

280113 stl  happy family

and another one (no one can accuse me of minginess with photos…I was only waiting for LJ to open up for me, as it does once in a while!)

280113 stl  happier fmly

A profile pic of the New Kid on the Block:

280113 stl  pnut

I’m jet-lagged, sleepless, and tired…but SO happy!