Thippa Gondana Halli (T G Halli) Reservoir, 120113

January 14, 2013

Amith Arun Kamal Naveen Rashmi Rohan Roy Swethadri

and I decided to visit

T G Halli Reservoir

it was good that we made an early start, because though we got to the area quickly, it took us quite a while to figure out access paths to the water body.

I’d previously visited over 5 years ago, and the drying up of the lake was a shock. However, there was enough water for the birds, and wonderful views…so we accessed the reservoir at two different places, and had a wonderful time.

This floating feather, with water drops on it, seemed to symbolize the presence of both water and birds, for me.

fltng feather t g halli 120113 sony

I started off with this


with dewdrops on its back, sitting on an Ipomaeia flower:

blst bg with dewdrops 120113 tgh

Of course I had to click the sunrise! Photobucket Here we all are: 120113 grp We found many species of birds, like this COMMON SANDPIPER: cmn sandppr tgh 120113 this GREAT EGRET: 120113 tgh gt egrt this JERDON'S BUSHLARK: The old, once-submerged temple was fully in view, and a skein of Cormorants flew past in a devout line: tmpl and bd line tgh 120113 On the way back, I was tickled by a temple arch in which Shiva had built Himself a honeycomb screen: shiva and bee-hive 120113 At our breakfast stop, I got this "Steps to Photography" snap: steps bnw 120113 machohalli Amongst all the litter on the lake was this warning... tbcco kls 120113 Well, plastic trash kills as well!

I’ve put up all the photos of the trip

30D pics

and the

MLC pics

on FB.

I was tickled pink by this house in glorious technicolour:

color house 120113 tgh

On Sunday, we went to Ramnagara…that’s another post…