In, and On....

January 9, 2013

These two prepositions were in, and on, my mind over the weekend.

One funny image I spotted was this vegetarian crocodile, (Cayman Crocodile in the Bannerghatta Zoo)…with leaves in its mouth!

lfeating croc 060113 bgz

We saw this


in one of two holes that it had made in the tree-trunk:

cprsmth brbt hole 060113 bgz

We saw the


on the tree, on the bamboo, on the fence, at several places:

apf ave 060113 bgz

<a href=" target="_blank">apf bamboo 060113 bgz</a> On the flowers of one Palash tree, that looked like tongues of flame, we saw several birds: PURPLE-RUMPED SUNBIRD: 050113 vs prs 1 CHESTNUT-TAILED STARLING: 060113 bgz  chstnt tld strlng ROSY STARLING: rosy pastor on palash 060113 bgz JUNGLE MYNA jngl myna 060113 bgz HOOPOE: hoopoe 060113 bgz ROSE-RINGED PARAKEET: parakeet 060113 bgz On the boughs of a tree we saw this BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT HERON bcn heron 060113 bgz strolling along the tree-trunk! On the horizon, I saw the sun coming up... 060113 bgz snrise On the houses... 060113 bgz  sunrs palm In the trees: snrise tree 060113 bgz On the rocks: snrise rock 060113 bgz

On the way home, we sighted a


jgr 050113 vs

So that is my list on “on” and “in”!