Storm on the train, and Pune

November 6, 2012

On the train to Pune, I watched the effects of the clouds, sky, sunlight and storm as we sped past the landscape:

spot snlight 01112 train

storm train 011112

2 storm train 011112</a> I got a rainbow, too: 3 rnbow storm train 011112 that's against a house of God... 4 rnbow storm train 011112 that' against the power generated by humanity, so puny against the forces of Nature.... I got an amazing sunset as usual: 2 snst 011112 sunst 01112 And thought of as usual! Then I got these synchronized clouds: synch clouds 011112 I've posted more photos on my Facebook album, here I also managed to see parts of Pune that I've never seen before, thanks to who dropped me off at the bus stand: A little pavement shrine in Aundh: pune aundh shrine 021112 the Pune Fort: pune fort 041112 2 pune fort 041112 the Halwai Ganesha temple: halwai tmple pune 041112 The sanctum: ganapathi pune 041112 Some more pics of Pune by night, here on Facebook I saw some lovely "AkAsh kandeel" or "sky lights" ready for Deepavali: akash kandeel 041112 </lj-cut> The memory of this lovely city is now associated with this little jasmine creeper: jasminga 051112 Maharashtra and the north of Karnataka are so beautiful!