The loving, bird-brained couple...

October 17, 2012

For the past several (I think it’s eight now) I have had a pair of Blue Rock Pigeons (these should now be called Blue Apartment Pigeons!) sitting on a strut on the ventilator shaft of my apartment building.


They are SUCH a loving couple, and are never far from each other. It’s a real delight to see them…flying around, or just nestled together, cuddling up as they are doing in this picture.

The bird-brained part?

The female has laid, so far, innumerable eggs on that same strut, and without any kind of nesting material. This ensures that each eggs falls four floors to the ground, and breaks. But that never seems to faze Mrs BRP, and she goes right on, canoodling with her spouse, and hoping to have babies…

But their wonderful affection for each other is something that brightens up each day of mine, and cheers me up on the blackest days of depression.

Pigeons may now be assuming the proportions of pests in Bangalore, but this loving pair…I’ll always enjoy watching them!