An old temple...

September 23, 2012

Nature, to me, doesn’t exclude humanity..what’s created by humanity, especially in the past, is very fascinating, too. While in the Melagari forests, I went to take a quick look at the old Dabbaguli temple.


dabbaguli temple uganiyam 080912 Photobucket Photobucket The iron girders that hold up the second storey are seen everywhere... Photobucket Everywhere, though, Nature is making a comeback: Photobucket You can see the two storeys here: dabbaguli temple 080912 The old arches are so graceful: Photobucket Photobucket Of course, there is the mandatory plaque by politicians... Photobucket Here's a closeup of Nandi: dabbaguli temple 080912 uganiyam Here's the priest in the new shrine nearby: 80912 KANS trip to Uganiyam


Every year, the festival means huge crowds who come and litter the place indescribably…so volunteers from KANS go to clean up, and spread the message of NO LITTER…it’s a pity that the same people who seem to revere God seem to have no qualms about littering all of His creation.