The Long-horned Beetles....

August 10, 2012

At the NTP, we came out for a chai break to find it POURING with rain. (The monsoon always waits for the official announcement in the newspapers, that it is a failure, before unleashing its fury on the city.) We found this


smaller beetle bg 090812

beetle on mat bg 090812

running around the porch, and Karthik used the opportunity to give us a 101 on the difference between beetles and bugs.

  1. Beetles have eating-and-chewing mouth parts; bugs have sucking mouth parts.
  2. Beetles have the outer set of wings hardened into a shell-like protective structure, almost an exo-skeleton; only the inner wings are used for flight.

Beetles, particularly the large ones, have very strong mandibles, and Karthik put a ballpen near the beetle…and it clung tenaciously to it, and held it, even though the pen weighed as much, if not more, than the beetle itself.

So here are the mandibles of this beetle:

mandibles bg 090812

You want to see how it rained?

rain wavy bg 090812

And actually, a little scorpion was trying to make its way in the downpour:

scorpion bg 090812

This is the second scorpion sighting after the Arikere Reserve Forest; the wet apparently makes these creatures come out of hiding.

To get back to Long-horned Beetles…another one was being picked up, in the pouring rain, by a sodden

LONG-BILLED CROW: crow w beetle bg 090812

So that’s the life…and death…of the Beetles…George, John, Paul, and Ringo…!