July 3, 2012

Sometimes, it’s a little girl who bathes…

bath beauty ktb 300612 enright

she says the handle of the bucket is "The Arch) (remember, she lives in St.Louis!) and then she says, I can't walk under this Arch... under arch ktb 300612 enright Then, of course, the spoilt princess is dried and moisturized... 1 ktb 300612 enright And her mother has great fun with her! 2 mum dotter ktb 300612 enright But sometimes, it's other creatures having a bath. Here's a SKIPPER (I don't know which one!) dipping itself in a Zinnia: 2  fp 300612 I got it full-face, too! Photobucket Here's a butterfly, bathing in the morning dew: white bfly  fp 300612 A cottontail rabbit, bathing in the wet grass: ctntl rabit  fp 300612

And here’s a six-footer, getting bathed in pollen inside a Hibiscus!

pollen bath ktb 300612 enright

Baths come in all shapes and sizes….