New laptop

June 29, 2012

After my laptop and I went flying over a granite surface last January, in Chambal, my friendly neighbourhood laptop repairman, and my dear friend


together brought it back to life, and it’s been performing creditably ever since.

However, I decided that, like in other areas of my life, I must make a new beginning, and for the past few days, has struggled to load a version of Ubuntu on it, too, to improve my usage.'

Here’s , opening up the exciting package (I waited for him to come home!)

ds opening comp  stl 250612

and setting it up…

ds and comp 2  stl 250612

Here’s on Gtalk, also looking at what is going on...

ga gtalk  stl 250612

So…here are the old one and the new one, sitting companionably together on the island in the St.Louis kitchen:

two comps funnel web   enright 280612

The new model (it’s also a Toshiba…this is going to be my third Toshiba, and each time it’s smaller and lighter….) is the Toshiba Portege R 835 P83…probably a dinosaur for all the techies and geeks, but very exciting for me!

Also, the old machine had used up all the RAM, and was using the disk memory, and hence had started working at, in DS’ memorable phrase, “Paint-dry speed”. It is a relief to see the prompt response of this new baby!

OK, since I feel very happy to have the laptop, here’s a lovely pic of roses for all of you….

roses funnel web   enright 280612

This pic is dedicated to all the Jhatgussas I know.