Discussion about Marilyn Monroe....

May 29, 2012

One member of a mailing list I belong to started by showing a statue of Marilyn Monroe in the famous “billowing-up skirt” pose on a ventilation grating, being put up in Chicago. What was interesting to me about the photograph was that the head of MM was completely covered…but obviously, the men on the list took off in a different (northward) direction.

V wrote: http://content.usatoday.com/communities/entertainment/post/2012/05/giant-marilyn-monroe-finds-new-home-in-palm-springs/1#.T8KqV1IcU_8 Weather Conditions - Palm Springs, CA In the desert town of Palm Springs, California Where Marilyn moved in just two days ago The temperatures are hot but not unduly hot Just about ninety degrees Fahrenheit hot And the winds are very light Close to zero miles per hour - with breezes from the Southeast The tourists gawking at Marilyn Are no doubt finding the air hotter - much hotter And asking - I am only guessing - "Just how windy does it ever get over here? Oh, just asking!" http://www.wunderground.com/weather-forecast/92262 ************************* He then added: Her Timeless Marilynness Her yellow gold hair Her parted ruby lips Her sultriness seductive Her sun ripened womanhood Her billowing skirt Her simulated modesty Her innocence disarming Her come hither allure Her husky crooning voice Her sad sad smile Her rudely shortened life Her timeless Marilynness ****************************** To this, B replied: To the actual content, however, it's not the wind that did the deed. The classic Marilyn picture was her dress blowing up because of the gusts that usually emanate from such a subway vent. See http://www.catwalkqueen.tv/2007/06/marilyn_monroes.html. You will notice that the statue also has such a grate or vent under it. ********************************* To this, V's response was: OK, that means I need to correct myself. How about this? A Star on a Subway Vent On the subway vent where Marilyn stood Let us place a star, New Yorkers! As they did in Rodeo Drive As they are doing, no doubt On some puffy, floating silver cloud above ********************** After a little to-and-fro, he added: I'd be surprised, though, if we don't have a Subway Sandwich franchise or two in Ahmedabad. ********************* At this point, M, one of the 3 ladies in the egroup, replied: My son survives on subway sandwiches in Ahmedabad these days...he is working there. PS please do continue with this banter.....we love it :-) **************************** B's response: Okay, in that case: No subway grates, but great Subways. Who needs Marilyns when we have Kokilabens and Shardabens? Not that any sari clad Kokilaben or Shardaben would ever step on a subway grate, even if we had a subway ;-) I somehow doubt that the impact would not be the same if they did. No gold stars, no statues to honor Kokiben or Shardaben, no Vasus writing poetry after the event. ************************

My final response was:

On this egroup there are thoughts profound Which gather not a peep or sound. But let the topic be M., Marilyn… Then watch everyone joining in! Well,if I, too, had legs that great, I’‘d be stepping over every ventilation grate. But M, M, and U (in my rhyming verse) Are not in the running for Ms.Universe. Their brains and their versatile talents Are what matters in the end, you gents! And the rest of us spouses married you guys Because we thought you lot are smart and wise. So…the only use for ventilation Is, pure and simple…titillation. We don’t need these “updraft” wiles To keep our men all wreathed in smiles. Our waists may have more circumference, But we make up for that in common sense….

These mailing lists are “grate” fun sometimes!