Two videos of KTB singing Tamizh songs....

May 7, 2012

She’s always been fond of “pAttu pAdavA”, an old Tamizh movie song. So when she suddenly decided to put Wally the walrus to sleep (on top of a measuring scale, for some reason), I asked her to sing a lullaby and she sang the song instead!

When I requested her to sing “jO jO”, a lullaby I often sing to her, she first told me Wally was waking up, but got suddenly interested in the song, and put Wally back to sleep again, singing the lullaby at top speed!

Another favourite of hers is the old movie song from “kAdalikka nEram illai”, the 60’s hit comedy….here she is, singing “ViswanAthan, vElai vEndum!” with great gusto! (The song is sung by the hero who has been wrongfully dismissed by his beloved’s father, and is saying, “Viswanathan, I want a job!”)