Busy Fingers

April 14, 2012

It’s wonderful to see things of beauty growing from nothing but a length of string (or wool). Knitting, crochet and tatting have always held a fascination for me. I liked knitting, but thanks to my myopia, the other two were beyond me. But when I saw my friend Savita engaged in tatting while she was helping out at our friend’s sadAbhishEkam (80th birthday ceremony of her father, when vows are renewed) I could not help trying to document that….

tatting small 110412

A little closer:

tatting big 110412

Savita makes these flowers and pastes them on cards, and her mother (who is 80 and living with fierce independence, in an old-age home in Koramangala in Bangalore) adds the paint, to make really beautiful greeting cards. Some of the tatting also ends up as earrings and other jewellery. Savita and her mother’s creations sell like hot cakes!

How deceptively simple it looks! Savita might sit in one place for a while…but her fingers never rest.