Will you love me?

April 3, 2012

Naayaki naayakanidam irunthu piriyum pozhuthu sonnathu:

Naan unnai pirinthirukkum pozhuthu Ennai ninaippaayaa? En vaarthaigalin ethiroliyum Un kaathil naan sonna kaathalum… Ketkaamal pogumaa? Un manathil irukkum soonyatthai Niraitthu viduvaayaa? Naan irunthathai Ennik kolvaayaa? Naan thirumbum varai Nee kaathiruppaayaa?

Rough translation:

When the naayaki (heroine) is going far away from the naayakan (hero).

Will you think of me When I am separated from you? Will the echo of my words, My love,whispered in your ear, Grow faint? When you are faced with emptiness Will you fill it up? Will you remember those times When I was there? Will you wait Until I return?

Has love ever changed, over the millenia? The need for two people to be together is probably the most powerful emotion of all, perhaps only exceeded by the love of a mother for her child. I’ll write about that next….but meanwhile, Gir, which I have never visited before, beckons! It will be blisteringly hot. I wish I’d chosen a trip to the Himalaya instead :)