Letter meme....C

March 23, 2012

I usually don’t do memes, but I actually asked for one, and here goes, a letter of the alphabet, with which I must list 5 favourites....

  1. Cream. I just love the top-of-the-milk, whipped cream…write “cream” on a piece of paper and I’ll eat that!

  2. Carbon. I am fascinated by two of its forms…coal, and diamond, their essential oneness in spite of the incredible difference in their appearance…it’s a great metaphor for me.

  3. Chemistry. Though I am not one for equations, the process of interaction of chemicals…and the way, at some point, they give rise to life…is wonderful.

  4. Creatures. I enjoy watching all sorts of creatures…from a tusker to a tarantula. The world of living beings is full of marvels.

  5. Cryptic Crosswords. I am hopelessly addicted to them.

C…PC….I’ve done the MM…sorry, the meme.