Cartoons and Caricatures....

March 14, 2012

Sridhar Comaravalli is someone I’ve got to know through FaceBook, and I enjoy his talent very much. It’s not easy to produce a cartoon every day, but he seems to do it with ease! I was very honoured when, recently, he posted this cartoon of me on FaceBook, from a photograph taken by the Indian professional woman wildlife photographer,

Rathika Ramaswamy

(No, you are not allowed to ask if I was one of the wildest life she’s photographed!)

sridhar crtoon dm 020212

Thank you, Sridhar! It’s not everyone who gets to be immortalized like that :)

Another cartoonist whose work I like immensely is

Rohan Chakravarty

who bases his work on another great cartoonist, whose work I consider wonderful…

whose brilliant cartoons graced the margins of MAD magazine.

click here to see him on Facebook

rohan toonie wtr dspnr 120312

He’s moved to Bangalore from Nagpur, and he’s an avid birder, too; he was with us for the Bird Race this year. In person, he comes across as so quiet…and there is this wonderful sense of humour lurking! I’d called him when I went to see the exhibition of

R K Laxman

…it was a collection of hitherto unpublished cartoons, notes and sketches ,at the Indian Institute of Cartooning.

I love cartoons and caricatures, and it takes great talent to be able to do something like that…so creative, and yet full of humour.