Mothers and children...and couples...the Bandipur trip, 03 and 040212

February 18, 2012

I’ve always seen that Bandipur is one place where I find so many mothers with the children….whatever the creature may be. Here are a few mothers and children that I saw on this trip, with



Loved the sight of this


doe, lovingly licking her fawn:

doe and fawn bndpr 040212

I saw several HANUMAN LANGUR mothers with their babies, carrying them, not backpack, but frontpack: lngr mothers bndpr 040212 I got one a little closer... lngr and baby rnning bndpr 040212 And could zoom in enough on my MLC, on to the tiny little mite in the arms of the mother. lngr mom with baby bndpr 040212 Eyes closed, and so blissfully ignorant of the dangers of life....touches the heart to see it. At Ramnagara, on the 3rd, we saw the delightful sight of a baby LONG-BILLED VULTURE: lbv baby rmngr 030212 There are only a very few of the adults left in south India, here's one which is probably the mother: lbv puff neck lrge rmngr 030212 (Unless, of course, I've snapped the father or the uncle or the aunt!) This ELEPHANT had also brought her calf to drink water at the pond we visited: elfnt and calf bndpr 040212 And we saw another one, ushering her little one along: elepnt and calf distance bndpr 040212 Of course, a lovely sighting was of a with her cubs; here's the mother, called "Gauri": mother tgr far  bndpr 040212 mother tgr far  bndpr 040212 mthr tgr close  bndpr 040212 and here's a short video of one of the cubs crossing over to join the mother and a sibling (the other two were already in the undergrowth): You can hear the clicking of a dozen shutters, a zillion times!

Well, I must also say I watched a pair of


the female, in a lovely yellowish-green raiment,

Strk thrtd wdpcker bndpr 040212

and the male, with his red “cap”:

strk thrtd wdpkr male bndpr 040212

We saw two



two mgs bndpr 040212

Hopefully, these couples should also bring forth babies shortly!

What a beautiful place Bandipur is…..