Still figuring out things....

December 16, 2011

The iPad2 is certainly better than its predecessor, but there are many things I am yet to learn how to do….that I do easily on my laptop. For example, I Have the photobucket window open ,but am not able to copy the HTML code from the photograph and paste it here.

Well…. A whole raft of things like this, not the least ow which is learning to type on a touch-screen instead of keys ,which to me give a sure sense of the right keys to place my fingers on.

Then ther is the OAC…. The Orrible Auto-Correct. When I typed my friend’s name, “Devika”, in an email, I didn’t notice that it had been turned into “Devil”. “Friends” become “ fiends” .I think my iPad has some association with Hell, for it to constantly harp on Lucifer in this way,

I have also not yet been able to transfer my photographs from the Kabini trip to the laptop, form the iPad.

typing this slowly and painstakingly, looking up every now and then to see what spelling mistakes I have made and what damage OAC is doing, makes it a frustratingly slow job to make a post,. For me, learning to type on this smooth screen is like re-inventing the wheel….

Would be grateful for tips on the problem of posting photobucket pics to LJ! And transferring pics to my laptop…..

I’d love to give lyrical descriptions of the lush green waving palms and the many canals we paased, driving down from Ernakulam Junction to the Cocobay Resort, but I fear that I will be over 375 years old by the time I finish typing…..