Kavyas latest...from her dad...

December 5, 2011

DS writes:

Kavya seems to be developing a streak of pretty good one-liners over the past month. 4 weeks back was the “I want blood nowwwww!!’ ordeal, before Anjana finally got wise and got Kavya the piece of bread she was asking for.

Then over Thanksgiving, after watching the toy parrot in Dad’s office do its thing a few times, sitting on its perch repeating back what was spoken to it, she reached out her arms and said, “I wanna hold the turkey”. Well, I was quite amused by it anyway.

And now for today’s. This morning Anjana cut Kavya’s hair after her bath. It’s short, but looks pretty cute. Anjana isn’t so sure about it, though. The three of us were at the table having dinner, and Anjana and I were discussing it. I was saying I thought it was fine, and that Kavya looked perfectly cute with it. Then I asked Kavya, “does Kavya like her haircut?” Kavya very matter-of-factly said, “um, it’s in the trashcan upstairs”.