3rd Sunday outing of the Bird Watchers Field Club, 201111

November 21, 2011

It was a very enjoyable ramble over the slopes and through the scrub jungle (rather prickly at times, and on two occasions, very muddy as we waded through muddy streams). The location was Kasavanakunte, in the Bannerghatta forest area:

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and we did manage to see, and observe, a fair number of very interesting things.

We saw... the road to the forest area L rd to bg 201111 Birds like the GOLDEN ORIOLE orle 3rd sn 201111 L the SHIKRA L shkra 3rd Sn 201111 the RUFOUS-TAILED LARK L rfs tld lk 3rd sn 201111 and a fat HOUSE SPARROW L sprw 3rd Sun 201111 insects like the FUNNEL WEB SPIDER a village pond in which the village lads were having fun L wll bys bg 201111 a machan in a huge tamarind-banyan tree combination L tree hs 201111 bg We had young Lambani lads from the village to guide us through the forest L subir and gds bg 201111 And we observed everything quite keenly! L stk insct bg 201111

Some friends came back home with me and we toasted our outings in freshly-made lemonade!

L bk at home 3rd Sn 201111

The rest of the pics are on my Facebook album

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to see them, and if you want to see more of the village boys-in-the-well,

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