Feathers between Dehra Dun and Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand,291011

November 16, 2011

Firstly, I must mention that going by all the signboards in this small town, we were visiting….U.K., which is the way the state, Uttara Khand (northern area) is referred to. Well….

This is dedicated to my dear friend


unfailingly helpful in my stumbling, forgetful path of birding….


is the wiki about the town of Dhanaulti…but the following photographs were all taken on the drive to, and from, Dhanaulti and Dehra Dun.

One of the most common birds was the


hmlyn blbl L dhnlti 303 291011

another was the GREAT BARBET: gt brbt L dhnlti 303 291011 The BLACK BULBUL often showed itself, and fittingly, I took a silhouette shot! L blk blbl 291011 dhnlti 30D Not so common, the CHESTNUT-BELLIED ROCK THRUSH did not give me any good view of the more colourful male: chstn bld  rck thrush male bad L dhnlti 303 291011 But I got a nice one of the female: chnstnt bld rk thrush  feml L dhnlti 303 291011 I also managed one of the BLACK-LORED TIT (that is also found in Bangalore!) blk lrd tit L dhnlti 303 291011 At Buranskhand, we saw a lot of these little YELLOW-FRONTED GREENFINCHES: ylw frntd gnfinch L dhnlti 303 291011 Everywhere, there were STREAKED LAUGHING THRUSHES strkd Lgng thrsh  L dhnlti 303 291011 But never in the light! At one point, we saw some exquisite LONG-TAILED MINIVETS: lng tled mnvet L dhnlti 303 291011 and at several places, I saw the RUFOUS SIBIA L dhnlti 303 291011 rfs sibia However, the raptors were what took our breath away, as they soared high over the slopes. Here are a couple of shots of the HIMALAYAN GRIFFON: hmln grfn L dhnlti 303 291011 hmlyngrfn L dhnlti 303 291011 I got just one shot of the STEPPE EAGLE winging its way over the crags: stp egl slp L dhnlti 303 291011 the LAMMERGEIER VULTURE swooped close once or twice when we were not ready...but then, it was high up again, gaining height within a matter of seconds! lmrgir up L dhnlti 303 291011 lmrgr closer L dhnlti 303 291011

But my favourite was that great beauty of the sub-Himalayan crags, the


mtn hw egl  up L dhnlti 303 291011

I’ll say bye for now with one more shot of this majestic bird:

mtn hw egl side L dhnlti 303 291011