The price of a cycle

October 25, 2011

Here’s a very witty piece written by one of the members of my ccyling egroup, on the theme of “What do you say when people ask you the price of your cycle?”

Once again,

we have cyclists who are particular, insecured, serious and cautious about their cycles and their image.

Its India folks, take it lightly, even if your cycle is 2+ laks, a guy with LUNA moped is considered rich and more suitable for marriage alliance than a guy with cycle.

In case I am asked this question by the lady who is planning to wed her daughter to me she would be shocked that someone really really duped me and sold me a junk for any amount more than 3K. I mean can a road bike carry milk, coconuts, family, handle Indian roads, and more so why do we not prefer putting on full clothes while cycling?

In case a police personnel asks me that question and I tell the real price, he will end up noting the address of the guy who sold it to me, and ask me to file a FIR for being cheated.

In case a girl asks me that question and I tell her the cost trying to impress her she would just update her list of the greatest fools she has met on planet earth. Girls all over the world somehow have this impression about themselves that they are more beautiful, wanted and evolved for planet earth. I am not complaining, actually I enjoy this point of view.

In case its a guy still facing economical challenges, and he tells you do you have so much money to buy a cycle, dont feel insecured about your cycle, he is just asking whether you have so much money that you allow yourself to be looted. He will obviously start thinking about ways to sell you something else, like a bottle of water, for 11k. You see its not his fault really.

Try telling it to the office guys for one, your boss with a wife two daughters one dog, home and car loan would definitely stop your promotion in favour of those who are in greater need of it.

In case you want to tease you college frends definitely do not miss the opportunity, you will go up in their list of guys of whom they must be jealous of, ofcourse they would first try telling you what a fool you were and share their prudence on finance and savings. Just tell them the long ride that you had been that weekend when he was buying vegetables and cleaning his car, that will somehow drive home the point.

In case you have met with an accident, like me several times, never tell it to your doctor, I dont know how exactly, but it does effect your bills in some ways.

Definitely aviod telling it to your house owner in case you are on rent, I guess you know what I mean.

Try seeing the world with naked eyes, its beautiful, you have already taken the first step getting down off your car and being a cyclist, the windows are gone, the seat belts are off, the wind is directly hitting on your face, just embrace the world in its true bare meaning - be a cyclist.

Regards, Gourav