Some butterflies in the MICO Arekere Reserve Forest

October 18, 2011

Here are some of the common butterflies that one can see around us, right now. One of the good places to look for them is the Reserve Forest in the MICO Arikere Layout; but quite often, you will find these beauties in the gardens near you, too!


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LEMON PANSY lmnpnsy 081011 ptnhlilke COMMON ROSE cmn rse ptnhli lk 081011 BARONET baronet  ptnhli lk 081011 BARONET closed wing brnt cld wings  ptnhli lk 081011 COMMON CASTOR cmn cstr  ptnhli lk 081011 TAWNY COSTER twny cstr frst 081011 PALMFLY palmfly frst 061011 COMMON PIERROT emigrnt 081011 frst PLUM JUDY: plum judy? CRIMSON ROSE mating:

And, just to wind up, a beautiful beetle, too.


jwl bg  ptnhli lk 081011

Do look around you as you walk in the residential lanes of our city….these lovely creatures provide spots of colour and beauty to your day.