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October 18, 2011

PNLIT (Puttenahalli Neighbourhood Lake Improvement Trust), see the website here:

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is organizing a Nature Walk to explore and discover the rich flora and fauna at the newly revived Puttenahalli Lake in J.P. Nagar 7th Phase. The Nature Walk will be led by Ms. Deepa Mohan of the Bird Watchers Field Club, Bangalore.

Date & Time: Sunday 13th November 2011 (6 a.m. to 9 a.m.) Venue: Gazebo, Puttenahalli Lake (near the MLR Convention Hall, Brigade Millennium) Registration Fee (Includes Breakfast): Rs.200/participant. Each additional member from the participant’s family: Rs.100. Children between ages 7 and 10 to be accompanied by at least one adult family member. Children below age 7 are not allowed in this Nature Walk. We will organize another one exclusively for them on a later date.

Please contact any of the following for registration: O.P. Ramaswamy: +91 98450 79076/ Nupur Jain:+91 98866 29769 / Usha Rajagopalan: +91 72597 22996/

To ensure that each participant gets the most out of this Walk, we will enroll only 40 individuals on a first come first served basis. Last Date to register: Monday 31st Oct. 2011.

About the Puttenahalli Lake: Two years ago, the lake which covers an area of about 13 acres was on the brink of extinction. Now it is home to several species of water and land birds, butterflies and many insects. Over 200 trees have been planted around the periphery of the lake which teems with fish, crabs, water snakes, etc. In short, the lake is natural world in a microcosm, a sanctuary in the middle of a concrete urban jungle.

About the Guide: Ms. Deepa Mohan is interested, among other things, in photography and wildlife, both forest and urban. She writes occasionally for Citizen Matters and is a member of the Bird Watchers’ Field Club, of birding and nature enthusiasts in Bangalore.

About PNLIT: The Puttehanalli Neighbourhood Lake Improvement Trust is a registered not-for-profit charitable organization which has been actively working with the BBMP to rejuvenate and maintain the Puttenahalli Lake. Ours is the first citizens’ group to be formally assigned this responsibility. Read about PNLIT in:

Give a Children’s Day gift to your child! Take them on a Nature Walk!