October 17, 2011

A great loneliness sits upon me. The world seems a vast desert tract Where exists no human being That I can call friend, I am alone…I cannot attract A single living thing To myself….I see Only a thorny path without end.

Don’t worry about my writing in this sad strain… It’s only because of my awful migraine!

Today…one friend rang, And another called on me; Through my headache, my heart sang I had a chat with one, with the other, some tea. Several comforted me on Facebook; As soon as they took a look At my status update. They all comforted me…early or late.

This is the millionth time but I’ll say it again… Whether I’m hale or fighting a migraine…. Men or women, boys or girls, Friends are like shining pearls. No one can be luckier than me… I have enough pearls for LOTS of jewellery.

I am so lucky…if just a headache makes me feel this way, how must people with chronic pain feel, how difficult their lives must be! I cannot fault any ill person for being crabby or irritable.

The subject title? Add a “he” to both sides of it!