LJ difficulties

October 9, 2011

I am finding it harder and harder to post here. Either I can’t post, or it’s too slow…and though my stats tell me that plenty of people are reading the posts, all I get is one…or two comments. The old days of exchange of viewpoints, and debate, seem gone for ever. And the spam…I am getting more and more and more spam, from faux LJ ids and others, too. Since I have so many people (presumably) still reading my posts, I don’t want to convert this to a “friends-only” blog, either.

LJ, I am afraid it’s getting easier for me to stop…. I don’t feel it’s a friends community, anymore, but an empty room where I speak my thoughts aloud, unheard, unheeded….except by spam bots who want me to increase the size of body parts that I do not possess.