The Invisibles....

September 19, 2011

Recently, someone posted that there are many people on the pavements of our city who are invisible to us for the most part…

bgr and ro crcl 170911

On both sides of the Ananda Rao Circle flyover, I saw beggars, fast asleep on stretched-out tarpaulins.

We all hear stories of the mafia and organized set-ups amongst the beggars in our city; I, for one, know nothing first-hand. I have, of course, seen the beggars conferring with one another after the flow of traffic is past…and have speculated that probably they do have organized groups. I can only wonder what hell it must be to have to lead such a life.

Is there anyone who could tell me more about the beggars on our streets, and how we can address this issue? It moves me to think of these unfortunate people…they seem to be less than human, and yet they share our space. Surely we can find some way of bettering their lot other than the conscience-stricken odd coin or note that we drop into their hands?