Momix in Botanica

September 14, 2011

DnA ….that’s and

went to

this dance perforance, Momix in Botanica

in St.Louis yesterday.

here are some more stunning images

here is the review

A’s words? “It was a beautiful poetic interpretation of the artistry of nature There were hornets hopping, swans preening, flowers playfully swaying, leaves falling to the ground (all portrayed so beautifully by people). And in the end as an encore, they did a sun flare dance,waving flexible orange foam sticks quickly to make flares. It was just incredible.”

Just in case you didn’t click on the link, here are some images, taken by Max Pucciariello:

momix in botanica 130911 stl 1

2 momix stl 130911

3 momix stl 130911

momix 4 stl 130911

Wish I’d been able to see this too! :)