Just flowers, from Lalbagh.....

September 8, 2011

Instead of writing about Profound Thoughts and boring the bejeesus out of everyone else, I feel it would be better to post pictures of a few lovely flowers and inflorescences that I have seen lately!

These were all taken in Lalbagh, on Saturday, 030911.

Seems to be a kind of magnolia flower….I used this photo for greeting some friends on their birthdays and wedding anniversaries :)

type of mgnlia 020911 lb

Here's a Zinnia, with some kind of Hopper on it: bsh hpr on znia 020911 lb This is called "Colville's Glory" and is in bloom right now, near the Siddapura Gate: Photobucket Just to clarify to the many people who ask me the difference between water liles and lotuses, here are the water lilies... wtr lles lb 020911 And here is a lotus! lotus lb 020911 Here's a flower that grows directly out of the tree-trunk, which Karthik tells me is related to the Kigelia Pinnata (Sausage Tree): kigelia type flwr 020911 lb Here's the Akasha Mallige (flowers of the Indian Cork Tree), that is also in full bloom everywhere now: Photobucket

Here’s a tiny Cosmos, with an insect on it, too!

csms bee 200811 usha