Every day....

September 8, 2011

Every day, in the newspapers, there is one terrorist attack, which fills us with fear and sadness. I also realized that every day’s newspapers are the same…they contain:

  1. Political scandal. Minister vows to get at the truth.
  2. A scam exposed. Minister vows to get at the the truth.
  3. Death of one endangered creature.
  4. City people put to hardship due to various govt agencies not functioning properly.
  5. Defeat or victory of Indian cricket team
  6. Hardly any coverage of other sports
  7. Merger of two companies.
  8. Some weird Book of Records feat like growing longest fingernails or eating the most samosas.
  9. Comics
  10. Crosswords and Sudoku.

I think we buy the newspapers only for 9 and 10…otherwise we might not be able to tell one day’s newspaper from another!