How the day gets hijacked...mostly MY fault

August 27, 2011

Today…was supposed to be a day of intense writing. Having watched the play, “Amrita, A Sublime Love Story”, at Ranga Shankara, I am supposed to do the research on Amrita Pritam (and her abiding love for the lyricist, Sahir Ludhianvi) and write the review for City Buzz. (I typed City Buss…!) Then, for Citizen Matters, I am writing about Priya Venkatesh’s trip to the South Pole…the first woman from Bangalore to have visited this continent.

So what happens? I go for a walk with KM and two of our friends who live in Muscat. Then I go to the garage to give in the car for tinkering and painting and get back by bus. The power, and the UPS, both fail throughout the morning and I cannot use my laptop after the battery fails. I get a call from the Bank that my internet activation kit has arrived, and rush to pick it up. I realize that I must send the acknowledgement form by post, so it’s off to the Post Office. Then I realize I’d better try and activate AM’s account, for which I’ve sent off the acknowledgement form about 10 days ago (presumably they’ve got it now…they won’t deign to let me know, of course!)

So it’s 3.15 pm now, and instead of getting started on the review, at least (oh yes, I’ve just opened the wiki about Amrita Pritam:

read the wiki, her life is fascinating!

and then, instead of going ahead with the task, I am, of course, writing this! I definitely am a citizen of a different nation….Procrasti Nation.

OK, let me crack the whip over myself, and get to the salt mines now…