Tiruchirapalli, 100811

August 12, 2011

It was a jam-packed trip, and I managed to visit three temples and a hitherto unvisited cave temple, too….I’m off to Sirsi/Banavasi again later today and have just not had any time (a quick trip to the Bannerghatta-Kaggalipura Forest area with Rosita and her son Mark took away whatever little free time I had yesterday!)..so let me just post a few videos…I hope you don’t find them TOO boring…I love the train,which looks like a toy from the hill where I was standing, and driving through the gOpurams of the ancient temples!

The train crossing the Kaveri:

You can hear the lady (whom you can see in my Facebook album, with a bag on her head,


talking about how the bag contains a change of clothes for her family, as they are walking to various temples and are bound for Samayapuram now.

The Pallava-age cave temple near the Ucchi piLLayAr temple, which I’d never seen before:

Inside the temple:

Driving in the Srirangam area, the gOpuram is right ahead and we are trying to find a way to take the car into the precincts!

Leaving the Srirangam temple, I am talking to someone to try and get directions to get back to our hotel:

Here we are, on the bridge, crossing back to Trichy, with the Ucchi PiLLayAr temple…Maya is saying we climbed to the top in the morning, and KM is daring her to do it at this time, when the temperature outside is 38 deg C!

Hope you enjoy the Facebook pics….I haven’t even got around to writing the narrative for them yet!

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