Ragihalli, 070811

August 9, 2011

Since I realized that the chosen destination for Rathika Ramaswamy’s workshop field trip (Jaipurdoddi) was unsafe, as a tusker had been sighted there, I suggested that they join us at one of my favourite places…Ragihalli, both the sheet rock area, and the koLA (pond)…the second being a destination that not many people seem to know about.

Though the bird count was low, it was an extremely enjoyable morning. Here’s the sign for the State Forest…the notification date is 10 April 1884…127 years ago!

rghli stt frest 070811

Here’s the group I went with, at the sheet rock. Rohit has turned me, in Chandu’s words, into a Four-Horned De-Pontilope!

our group 070811

Here are some of the things that I captured on camera…I was trying out the macro on the S30, the present MLC.

Here's Rathika's group (or at least, some of them): photogr at sht rk 070811 Here's Rathika herself, explaining a point to Trishala: rathika rrishala 070811 I got this Agama in the crevice of the rock: agama 070811 rghli I don't know the names of these wildflowers: dpvli flwr 070811 I call that one the Deepavali flower :) ragihali str 070811 dlcte wildflwr 070811 Arun tells me the flower above is called the Blue Daze. Here's the scene at Ragihalli White Lotus Pond...everything was green because of the monsoon: rghli koLA 070811 I loved the pattern this water plant made: water plnt rghli 070811 The patterns on the rock were lovely too: ptrs on rk 070811 rghli The pond was filled with white lotuses, and made a wonderful sight. Here's one lovely flower, windblown in the rain: white lotus 070811 rghli the leaves never retain water, and they serve as an axample of non-attachment, in discourses on Philosophy: lts lf wtr 070811 I caught this Common Mormon, a doughty survivor of encounters with a predator: cmn mrmn 070811 rghli Couldn't resist taking yet another pic of the Glory Lily: glory lily rghli 070811 I enjoyed "spotting" this female juvenile leopard in Ragihalli village: fem juv lpd rghli 070811 The rangOlis in front of the village houses are lovely: kOlam rgihli 070811 On the way back, I got one of the messages on the buses, that I always enjoy: king of all qns 070811

And here I am, snapped by Rathika Ramaswamy:

dm ragihalli 070811 Rathika

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