Moving on

July 22, 2011

lilies 210711 stl

Time passes In the sweep of the second hand Across the face of the clock, In the unobstrusive click of the pulsing Of the quartz crystals Or the electronic pulse Of my digital watch.

The petals on the lilies That I brought home Detach themselves gently, and fall. The buds slowly open, holding the promise Of beauty that the fading flowers have passed.

Tomorrow, I’ll be gone from here. But the heady aroma of the lilies And tomorrow’s buds Will remain, and be a reminder Of my presence in this house.

The present inexorably slips into the past. The future slips into being, Becoming now, instead of later.

The enjoyment of the lovely scent of the lilies Now…now..and storing it away in my memory Is my way of conquering Time…

Tomorrow I will see the lilies in my mind’s eye. Today, my senses take it all in. Tomorrow, in my mind and heart, I’ll open these memories, And relive them again.

I bathe myself in the running river of Time… Each moment a fleeting caress: Building memories, some remembered, some not. Since I started writing this, A few more petals have fallen….