Goldfinch, Forest Park, 160711

July 18, 2011

Early in the morning, I went off for my usual walk to Forest Park, and the weather was kind enough to allow me to wander around for two and a half hours! And one of the last things that delighted me was the sight of a beautiful litle

American Goldfinch :

gldfnch 3 170711

This looks like a female:

gldfnch 2 170711

She was flying between the Coneflowers and the Chicory weeds:

gldfnch 170711 fp

She made a delightful picture, though catching her was a tough job as she flitted about:

gldfnch  4170711

But I enjoyed the sight of her…I waited about for the male, but had no luck…and walked home finally, satisifed with just my sight of “Thangam Mami”!

gldfnch 5 170711 fp

What was incredible was that it was almost exactly (just two days earlier) to the day, in 2009, that I had taken a video of a male Goldfinch, having a bath near the Suspension Bridge in Des Peres Creek: