The difference

July 5, 2011

If it is “Manjunatha Stores”, selling cotton shirts, they will be Rs.200.

But if it is “Nutmeg Boutique “ selling cotton shirts by Arpit Arora (random name I just made up), whose “work is driven by a passion for fabrics”, “synergizes old crafts and new methods”, and “explores the future of textiles”, the same shirts will be Rs.20,000…or whatever the aforementioned Arpit Arora can get away with.

These cotton shirts will be wrinkled, baggy articles of clothing in only the dullest of shades, often in weird designs, and will be worn by the dahlings on Brigade Road who say, “I caaan’t bear synthetics you know!” and light up their cigarettes as they go back to their chauffeur-driven SUV’s.

I once saw an ad for “designer handkerchiefs”. I am not kidding. Each hanky was about Rs.500. I would be afraid to use a hanky like that IF I ever bought one. How do you design a hanky?

I love good design, but I hate the fact that the word “design” seems only restricted to clothes, cars and furniture, and seems always equivalent to “ramp up the price”.

Good design is an integral part of EVERYTHING. Will write more about the design of (to take a random example) Delmar Loop Station on the St.Louis Metro….later!